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“A poem is a little lens through which we can examine at close range some of the details of the universe.” Luci Shaw
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Amazon.com to search for Luci Shaw's books

alibris.com to search for Luci Shaw books

Nimble Spirit, an on-line journal of literary spirituality, for display of three Luci Shaw poems

Lydia McCauley, songs by Lydia McCauley, poetry by Luci Shaw

Wheaton College The Luci Shaw Collection of papers

Eerdmans, publisher of two Luci Shaw poetry volumes The Green Earth , Water Lines, Accompanied by Angels

Mars Hill Audio, interview with Luci Shaw

Christianity Today, John Stackhouse article about Luci Shaw

Reality, New Zealand literary journal reprints Luci Shaw poem

Intervarsity Press, publisher of Luci Shaw's The Crime of Living Cautiously

leonardsweet.com, upcoming retreat led by Luci Shaw

First Things, poetry of Luci Shaw

St Nicholas Center, St. Nicholas hymn by Luci Shaw

Random House, publisher of Luci Shaw

Calvin College, Lectures and poetry by Luci Shaw at Calvin Festival of Faith & Writing

Augustana College, Luci Shaw poetry reading at Advent Festival

Image Journal, poetry, interview of Madeleine L'Engle, and essay by Luci Shaw

St Paul's Church of Bellingham, church website featuring Luci Shaw poetry

Communique Journal, Luci Shaw poem

University of Waterloo, Pascal Lectures given by Luci Shaw at the University of Waterloo, Ontario

Radix magazine, poetry & essays by Luci Shaw

Christian Century, poetry & essay by Luci Shaw