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Thumbprint in the Clay | Luci Shaw
Featured Work- In the tradition of Madeleine L'Engle's Walking on Water and Dorothy Sayer's The Mind of the Maker, here is a rich and thought-provoking exploration of art, creativity, and faith. (more) | News and Events- "I started sending postcards to a friend many years ago while I was traveling. I would begin each one by saying, 'the light was like this in Texas, or in Iowa..." (more)
"... Just as each human thumbprint is unique, its pattern inscribed on the work of our hands and minds, the Creator's is even more so―the original thumbprints on the universe,"—
"It's a lasting thrill
when something you know intuitively finds
its authority in Scripture..."
Recently Published
Harvesting FogIn Harvesting Fog Luci Shaw uses the gathering of moisture from mist as the prevailing metaphor for writing poetry about seen and unseen realities.

“One might argue with Heidegger that only in poetry—particularly the lyric poem—can Being achieve adequate articulation, find a "local habitation and a name," become known. For a poet of profound religious sensibility such as Luci Shaw, whose poems so brilliantly and movingly locate authentic Being in the forms and processes of nature, the lyric impulse often approaches the incarnational. At one point she writes, "Something sacramental speaks/in the rinsing of hard stone by mountain run-off." The same could be said of the elegantly crafted poems, word made flesh, in Harvesting Fog.”     —B. H. Fairchild, author, The Art of the Lathe