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“I write best to the sound of running water.” Luci Shaw
“The Writer's Notebook: On Journal Keeping,” in A Syllable of Water. Twenty Writers of Faith reflect on their Art. (Paraclete Press, 2008)
“Epiphany,” in Epiphanies: Stories of the Christian Year, Eugene Peterson & Emilie Griffin, Eds., © The Chrysostom Society (Baker Books, 2003)
“The Partnership of Art and Christian Spirituality,” in The Swiftly Tilting Worlds of Madeleine L’Engle, Luci Shaw, Ed. (Shaw. 1998)
“Living in the Gap: Exploring the Space Between Heaven and Earth” in Things in Heaven and Earth: Exploring the Supernatural, Harold Fickett, Ed., (Paraclete Press, 1998),
“Climbing Towards God,” in Nouwen Then, Christopher deVinck, Ed., (Zondervan 1999),
“Henri Nouwen: Climbing Towards God,” in More than Words, Yancey/Schaap, Eds., (Baker Books) 2002
“Climbing Towards God: My Journey with Henri Nouwen” in Reality & The Vision, James Schaap, Ed., (Baker Book House, 2003)
 “Beauty & the Creative Impulse” in The Christian Imagination: Essays on Literature and Writing, Leland Ryken, Editor (Shaw/Waterbrook Publishers,)
“Living with Longing and Mystery: Essays on The Pilgrim’s Regress ( C. S. Lewis) and Holy the Firm (Annie Dillard) in Indelible Ink, Scott Larson, Editor, (Waterbrook Press)
Contributions to The Eternal Present: Daily Readings from Today’s Most Inspiring Christian Writers, Andrea Wells Miller, Ed., Crossroad/Carlisle, New York, 2003