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The Genesis of It All The Genesis of It All
Illustrated by Sr. Huai-Kuang Miao and Sr. Mary Lane
In her inimitable style, Luci Shaw presents the Genesis narrative in fresh and contemporary language that sparks the imagination. You will delight in “watching” as God creates, first in black and white, and then bursting into color.
   Experience the exhilaration of the Creation and the Creator as work of art and great artist, developed in richness and diversity. Whether you are young or old, you will find yourself in the picture as you reflect on the Creator’s purpose in bringing human beings into the world.
   "A luminous and rambunctious book. Shaw imbues the Old Testament account of the Creation with a joyful bounce that will be irresistible to children of all ages. Her God is kindly, imaginative, and mischievous—a father who loves his creation and wants nothing better than to delight his children. Shaw's poetic talents and spiritual wisdom combine to breathe new life into a familiar story." —Suzanne Wolfe, author of The Unveiling.
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